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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vanilla Oak

Hot Maple Toddy
I'm back!  What a busy last couple of weeks I've had! We made a quick trip to Tulsa to visit friends and rocked out to a CCR (Credence Clearwater Revival (Revisited) for you babies!) concert, our  Shamrock ladies golf association hosted the Western Loan Star Senior Ladies Golf tournament for 5 days, made a quick trip to Lubbock for the wedding of a sweet, sweet friend and I'm still working on my classroom for the new school year which starts Monday!!! YIKES!!! I'm not really ready for school to start, but I think it's going to happen whether I'm ready or not!  During all this time I didn't get to make any soap and  I felt like something!  So...I've discovered that making soap is a mind and body calming activity! I've made 2 batches of soap the last two days!  Vanilla Oak which, I think, is a very nice woodsy, guy smell which my husband likes.  The other batch is Hot Maple Toddy!  I was thinking cool (OK COLD) weather, a fire in the firepit and a hot beverage! So...Hot Maple Toddy! I also added a little chocolate for punch! I think I'll make some "Irish" soap for the Shamrock folks...Blarney Stoned! I love the name of that fragrance! hahahahaha!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Out of olive oil!

Lavender with lavender buds

I have just run out of olive oil....BOO!!! A run to Sam's is definately in my near future! On a different note, I have had my first two soap customers!  Yahoo! Thank you Mona and Kathy! Well, since I didn't get to make any soap this weekend, I finished painting a bucket for a new baby in town...Audrey! Her shower is tomorrow. I'm posting pictures of the cut lavender with buds and the lemongrass...they both smell so good!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pictures of soaps from yesterday and today!
Hazelnut Late'

Oatmeal and Honey with ground oatmeal

Lavender with dried lavender buds

Uncut Fresh Lemongrass I'll post pictures of the Hazelnut Late' and Lemongrass cut soon!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Busy in the shop!

Well, yesterday I' made 2 batches of soap and finished painting a beverage buckt for baby Wade who will enter this world in October!  The first batch was Honey and Oatmeal with added ground oatmeal...just thinking about it makes me feel all cozy inside!  The other batch is Hazelnut Late' with coffee grounds.  It's still smells a little funky, I'm guessing the coffee lye water does that, but hopefully it'll turn out great!  It looked so "poopy" (sorry about the mental image!) when I poured it in the mold, but this morning it's looking more like the beautiful brown and black swirl that I meant it to be! As for the beverage bucket for baby's silver with black cow spots and his name in very large red letters that have cream colored "stitching" around them. Hahahhahaha- I just pictured baby Wade in his bouncy chair with his beverage bucket, setting beside him, filled with iced down milk bottles....hahahahaha! Pictures of all to come!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Soap Pics!

Here are some pictures of Kameron's cucumber/melon (purple and green) and my rainbarrel swirl soap!

What a fun couple of weeks we've had!  Our Mollie visited us for 8 days for Camp Livingston 2011! We swam in the Mollie pool, rode a tricycle, even though Mollie's just about an inch too short to reach the pedals, so she did the "Flintstone" run instead! I bet we logged 10 miles going around and around the porch!  I knew that wrap around porch would be good for something! Poppa Kelly and I now know all about Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora the Explorer, Olivia and Miss Spider's Sunny Patch! We checked and fed the cows (especially Strawberry Shortcake- Mollie's cow)! Rode the tractor and 4-wheeler and actually saw and enjoyed the first rain in a long time! Our granddaughter will talk your ear off which is fine because she really has something to say or a song to sing! What a blessing she is to all of us! I just want to thank her parents for allowing her to stay at the 2nd annual "Camp Livingston 2011"! We can't wait until next year!

This last weekend, Mollie and her parents stopped by our house on their way to Tulsa to break up their trip, so since I didn't get any soap made during "Camp Livingston", I made a batch of Rainbarrel scented soap (white, green and dark blue swirl) and Kameron made her first batch of Cucumber Melon (purple and green swirl)! Kameron made a beautiful, FIRST batch of soap! I'll post pictures later!

I can not believe that my summer is almost over ...BOO!  There's still so much to do before the 10th of August....making soap, last minute details for the ladies golf tournament, making soap, getting my classroom ready, making soap, cleaning house, making soap OH!  and adding lotion and scrubs too!  I'll let ya know!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

On a Mission!

OK, I'm on a mission to make A LOT of soap between now and the time school starts (25 days for me :( -summer has gone by way to fast!).  So after playing in the first day of the Lad and Lassie golf tournament today (we shot a  +1) I came home and made my first batch of soap in my new 18 bar wood mold.  It is scented with "rain barrel" and "energy".  The husband likes it, so I guess it's not tooo girley!  I swirled it with "sea mist", "sky at dusk" and white.   I love it! Can't wait until tomorrow to cut it!
On a different note, today would have been my dad's birthday!  He would have been 75 today.  I miss you Dad.
We have had the granddaughter (Mollie) from July 6-13!  What a great time we had!  I've never followed a tricyclist for so many miles before!  Of course she's only 2 and about an inch to short to actually reach the pedals, but can she ever do the "Flintstone" run to make that tricycle go! I'll teach her to make soap someday! Our house is VERY quiet now and we miss it, but I guess she needed to see her mom and dad sometime!